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We’re a small, Kenya-based pasture-raised chicken farm located just outside Kiambu. Our chickens and eggs are raised using traditional, humane methods in their natural environment


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Pulvinar dapibus leo.

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Pulvinar dapibus leo.

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Pulvinar dapibus leo.

Our hens spend sunny days roaming through rotated grassy pastures, scratching, pecking, dust bathing, and foraging for tasty plants and insects. We never use cages, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial feed. As a result, our chickens produce nutritious eggs bursting with old-fashioned flavour.

At Rooster Ranch, we strive to operate sustainably. Our chickens fertilize the land naturally as they graze. We employ regenerative techniques to enrich the soil and grasses. And we sell locally to reduce our carbon footprint.  Our family has been raising happy chickens this way for over 40 years. We take pride in carrying on these traditional practices while meeting the growing demand for ethically produced food. 

We invite you to join our journey by becoming a valued customer. Browse our site to order eggs or pasture-raised chicken meat directly from the farm. Or contact us to schedule a visit – we can’t wait to give you a tour and introduce you to our flock!



Empowering Healthy Choices.
We aspire to provide the highest quality, ethically raised poultry products, promoting a healthier lifestyle for our customers and contributing to the growth of responsible agriculture.


Nurturing Quality, Sustaining Tradition.
At Rooster Ranch, we aim to nourish our communities with wholesome poultry products, all while upholding the time-honoured authentic ‘kienyeji’ taste.


- Safe
- Sustainable
- Ethical

We ensure excellent hygiene when preparing and packaging our products to avoid contamination.

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